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A wonderful Christmas tradition

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Oplatki Christmas Wafer - 3 White and 1 Pink in an envelope imprinted with the story of oplatki and the ritual, imported from Poland. For centuries on Christmas Eve, families in Poland, Lithuania, the Czech and Slav Republics have practiced a beautiful tradition. It is the breaking and sharing of the Oplatek - Christmas Wafer. Oplatek taken from the Latin word oblatum, meaning Sacred Bread, has been the symbol of Christianity and Jesus Christ our bread of life since the Last Supper. On the Holiest Night of the year a festive 12 course meatless dinner is prepared for the gathered family and friends. An extra setting is placed for a beggar (our Lord) who may come to the door, or a poor family (the Holy Family) looking for a place to stay. The host or hostess leads in a special prayer and distributes an oplatek to the participants. Each person breaks off a piece of the other


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